Refunds and Cancellation


iBizReach is a service-based company that charges for services rendered. We do not sell products or merchandise. Unlike physical products, electronically distributed services cannot be refunded after the services are rendered. Once our services are completed, there are no items to “return” or refund.


iBizReach / Client may choose to cancel the agreement by giving at least two (2) months notice in writing, termination shall not be earlier than the initial minimum period of the agreement. In view of the possibility that situation or circumstances arise and may warrant a termination of the client and service provider relationship. Both iBizreach and Client agrees that the ending of the working relationship shall be done in an amicable manner, maintaining an attitude of professionalism and cooperation respecting the reputation of both party.

Who Are We?

iBizReach Services is an Online Marketing agency delivering professional and ethical online marketing services for small business to corporations.
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